At Estey Bomberger, we are always seeking opportunities to give back to our community in various ways, with a focus on health, the environment and education.  When we heard about an opportunity to help a local plastic surgeon provide badly needed reconstructive surgery to dozens of women in Bilaspur (India), we were glad to help.  Dr. Munish Batra of Coastal Plastic Surgeons in San Diego was part of a team that included Dr. Bhupesh Vasisht (New Jersey), Dr. Shashi Kusuma (Florida), Dr. Vineet Mehan (Washington DC), Dr. Satish Vyas (Michigan). Over the course of four fifteen hour days, the team performed 104 cases, including many cleft lip and palate, hand reconstruction, facial deformities, and horrific burn injuries from acid attacks. The patients came from as far as 300 miles away when they heard these surgeries would be provided at no cost.

For more information about the mission trip, read Dr. Batra’s blog here.