Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Fatally Struck While Unloading Car in La Jolla

LA JOLLA – A 45-year-old La Jolla woman was killed Tuesday morning when she was struck by a car on Girard Avenue, NBC San Diego reported. Just before noon, authorities say the woman was unloading her car when an elderly driver backed out of a nearby parking spot and rammed into her, pinning her between the moving vehicle and a parked car. Investigators believe the woman had been on her way to a coin shop nearby, because she had unloaded a box of coins from the trunk of her vehicle just before the accident. The victim died on the [...]

Man Killed In Trolley Accident Wednesday Night in San Diego

SAN DIEGO – A 65-year-old man was killed Wednesday night when he was run over by a trolley in Old Town, Fox 5 News reported. The accident was reported in the 4000 block of Taylor Street at 8:30 p.m. on September 24, 2014. According to police, the man, who was not identified, was trying to get on the trolley by forcing doors open after they had closed. Somehow he fell onto the tracks, and was run over by the trolley. Police officers are reviewing surveillance video to determine exactly what happened.

News Sources: Fox 5 San Diego, 760 KFMB, UT [...]

Special Needs Students and Teacher Struck by Car on Sidewalk in San Mateo

SAN MATEO – Three special needs high school students and a student teacher were struck by a vehicle Wednesday morning on West Hillsdale, NBC News reported. The September 10th injury pedestrian accident happened at about 10:30 a.m. when a black Acura,  which was travelling west, veered north onto the sidewalk and struck the four pedestrians.  The car was estimated to be going about 30 mph when it swerved off the road and struck the group. Two of the students and a student teacher, a woman in her 20s, suffered serious injuries. The students were on their daily walk when [...]

How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents in San Francisco

Large and densely populated cities such as San Francisco tend to have a large number of pedestrians who choose to walk and use the public transportation system for their daily commutes. In California, pedestrians have the right-of-way, meaning even when a pedestrian is crossing a road illegally, colloquially referred to as jaywalking, motor vehicles are obligated to stop and allow the pedestrian to cross. However, this does not mean pedestrians can walk across a San Francisco street with no regard to the oncoming cars. In the event of a collision, not only are pedestrians at much greater risk of [...]

Pedestrian Safety in San Francisco

In the city of San Francisco, because of the narrow streets and lack of parking, the use of alternative transportation is a common practice among locals and tourists alike. In fact, one can see hundreds of pedestrians everyday, heading towards one destination or another. However, the large numbers of people walking by the roadways can also mean an unfortunate increased in the number of pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles. According to the California Highway Patrol, there were a total of 721 pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions in 2009, resulting in 21 fatalities and 723 injuries. Both drivers and pedestrians must take [...]