Car vs. Cyclists Accidents: A Deep Dive into the Tragic Numbers

Because I love cycling and the wonderful benefits that it provides (improved health, preservation of natural resources, cleaner air, and less traffic, just to name a few) it pains me to see just how frequently cyclists are being injured and killed in collisions with automobiles on the road. What’s even more alarming is the percentage of these accidents that are of the hit and run variety.

Our firm has represented victims of cycling accidents since the day we opened our doors, and since that time disturbingly little legislation has been passed to protect those who choose cycling as both a hobby and as their primary means of transportation.

After looking at the numbers associated with car versus bicycle accidents, the only question left to be answered is, how do we make the roads safer for everyone who uses them, particularly those who are most vulnerable to serious injury and death?

Car on Bike Violence Data Graphic

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