14 08, 2014

Mike Bomberger Appears On 10 News To Discuss Fiesta Island Wrong-Way Crash

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Yesterday, Mike Bomberger appeared on KGTV 10 News to discuss the wrong-way crash on Fiesta Island that injured eight bicyclists. In the video below, see what charges the driver faces and what victims can do to obtain compensation for their injuries.


Bicycle accident lawyers at Estey Bomberger represent victims who were hurt in accidents of all kinds, including cycling accidents and DUI-related incidents.. To speak with a lawyer about your potential case, call (800) 925-0723. We provide free consultations.


6 05, 2014

Your New Tires Might Not Actually Be New At All

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May 6, 2014

Yesterday, San Diego’s 10 News released an investigative reporting that indicated new tires being sold in San Diego, and nationwide, may not be new at all.

There is no state or federal regulation to stop salesmen from dumping old and potentially dangerous product with a “new” label onto you.  This leaves the burden to you, the consumer.  How can you tell if your tires are new to begin with?  This is an important question to ask, because when a tire is between 6-10 years old it runs the risk of a sudden “tread [...]

6 05, 2014


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May 5, 2014

Summary: Many Americans see Cinco de Mayo as a good excuse to hit the bars, but the event also preserved our democracy.  Cinco de Mayo is a holiday worth celebrating; if you plan to celebrate tonight, have a plan to get back safe.

We don’t mean to bore you with a history lesson before many of you throw back a couple of Dos Equis tonight to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but first we’d like to bust the common myth that its Mexico’s Independence Day (September 16); however, that would be [...]

25 04, 2014

Multiple Students Injured in Anaheim Hills School Bus Crash

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Multiple Students Injured in Anaheim Hills School Bus Crash

An Orange Unified School District bus carrying 11 middle school students veered off the road and crashed into a tree in Anaheim Hills yesterday, leaving multiple students with serious injuries. Two students and the bus driver were critically injured and required hospitalization.

Witnesses told KTLA 5 that they saw the school bus speeding downhill at high speed without braking. The school bus then went airborne and hit several trees on a hill before coming to rest against a tall eucalyptus shortly after 3:30 p.m.

The school bus driver, Gerald Rupple, has worked full [...]

22 04, 2014

Meet the Team: Marek Pienkos

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Meet the Team: Marek Pienkos
Today, we are introducing you to another member of the outstanding Estey & Bomberger team. Let’s get to know Marek Pienkos, an associate attorney at Estey & Bomberger who was recently admitted to the California State Bar.

Home Town:
Lublin, Poland
Where Did You Go to School?
I attended Fordham University and The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.
When You’re Not Working, What Are You Doing?
Playing soccer and listening to vinyl records on my dedicated system are my two greatest passions outside of work.
What’s Your Favorite Movie That Involves the Law?

17 04, 2014

Talking To Your Child About Personal Safety

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Talking To Your Child About Personal Safety
At Estey & Bomberger, we represent victims of serious accidents in personal injury lawsuits. Unfortunately, many of the accident victims we represent are children. Sometimes, the accidents in which our youngest clients were involved could have been avoided.

Talking to your children about safety can help prevent serious accidents. This post will provide parents with some tips on how to discuss safety with children.
Safety Matters: Talk To Your Child
START EARLY: Conversations about personal safety should begin at an early age. There is no “perfect age” at which parents should begin teaching their [...]

14 04, 2014

Sen. Boxer Publicly Endorses California Micra Reform

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Sen. Boxer Publicly Endorses California Micra Reform

April 11, 2014

Summary: Proponents of California’s MICRA reform have just received significant support with Sen. Barbara Boxer’s public endorsement for MICRA improvement yesterday.  Perhaps with her support, Sacramento can do the right thing by enacting the Troy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act – an act that would give victims of medical malpractice enough compensation to fully heal from their physical and mental injuries.

The medical community’s smear campaign against the trial lawyers that support Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) reform has just become more difficult.  Yesterday, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) publically endorsed [...]

11 04, 2014

Bus Full of Students Collides with FedEx Truck, At Least 10 Lives Lost

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Charter Bus Full of Students Collides with FedEx Truck, Claiming At Least 10 Lives

A bus packed with Los Angeles high school students en route to tour Humboldt State University collided with a FedEx freight truck in Northern California last night, killing at least 10 people.

Officials from the Los Angeles Unified School District said that 19 of its students were aboard the bus, which was devoured in flames after the FedEx truck crossed a grassy median on Interstate 5 and slammed into it. Witnesses told the Los Angeles Times that the crash “sounded like a series of explosions,” and reported [...]

9 04, 2014

Can Medical Marijuana Help TBI Victims?

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Can Medical Marijuana Help TBI Victims?
Medical marijuana is being prescribed by doctors to treat a variety of illnesses and symptoms, including muscle spasms, nausea from chemotherapy, seizure disorders, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, poor appetite and weight loss resulting from chronic illness, and glaucoma.

People who have used medical marijuana as part of their medical treatment plans have reported varied levels of success with the drug. Additional controlled research studies are still needed to fully understand the efficacy of marijuana on patients with different medical conditions. The Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has approved tetrahydrocannabinol (or “THC”), the active drug compound [...]

4 04, 2014

Wrongful Death Lawsuit by Family of Woman Frozen to Death at Hospital to Proceed

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit by Family of Woman Frozen to Death at Hospital to Proceed
An appellate court has ruled that the family of a woman who may have frozen to death after being declared dead prematurely and placed in a morgue can move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit against a Los Angeles hospital.

In July 2010, Maria de Jesus Arroyo, 80, suffered a heart attack and was pronounced dead after being transported by ambulance to White Memorial Medical Center in Boyle Heights. Days later, mortuary workers found her body in an unzipped body bag, face-down. She had a broken [...]