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California Lawyers for Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners have a responsibility to keep guests and visitors safe from known dangers and hazardous conditions that should be known to them. When conditions cause serious accidents, the injured victim may be entitled to compensation. If you have been injured and wish to speak with an attorney please call us at 1.800.925.0723.

A Real Premises Liability Victim Tells His Story:

Mike Bomberger Explains Slip and Fall Cases:

What is Premises Liability Law?

Premises liability is the area of law that governs all types of personal injuries and deaths that occur on a property, on land or in a building. Examples of accidents that may be covered by premises liability law include:

  • An escalator accident at an airport
  • A trip and fall in a pothole in a parking lot
  • An attack by a dog at friend’s home
  • A slip and fall in a hotel bathtub
  • An injury caused by a falling TV at a big box store
  • An assault resulting from negligent security

Who is Responsible For a Slip and Fall Accident?

If you do have a case, the party responsible for an accident will depend on the location of the accident, how the accident occurred, and who was responsible for maintaining the premises. In many instances, more than one party may be responsible. Accidents at schools may involve liability of a local government, and accidents at post offices may impose liability on the federal government. A skilled slip and fall lawyer will be able to review the facts of your case and explain who may be responsible.

Liability Issues in Slip and Fall Cases

It is important to note that not all accidents that occur on someone else’s property are the fault of the property owner, tenant, or person responsible for maintaining it. Some accidents can be attributed to the actions of the injured victim.

For an injured victim to be entitled to compensation, the property owner, tenant, operator, or manager must have known or should have known about the hazardous or dangerous condition on the property if a reasonable person would have discovered the problem and taken steps to prevent the accident (and the injuries it caused).

Stairway Fall Accidents

A fall down a flight of stairs, or even just a few steps, can cause serious injuries. Stairways are frequent locations for falls. When property owners have knowledge of a dangerous condition, or the condition existed for a period of time long enough that the property owner should have known it, the owner may be liable for injuries of a visitor.

Accidents may be caused by dangerous conditions where debris is present on the stairs, a handrail is broken or missing, or the neglect of the staircase created a dangerous condition. The attorneys at Estey & Bomberger have successfully represented victims of a number of staircase accident premises liability cases.